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UX/UI App Designs

Below are some of the projects I worked on in interactive design, visual language, and app design. The first is a music app, then a cooking app, & lastly another mental health app that I created from scratch. Local Live was a group project but the rest were solo projects.

UX/UI App Design: Text
local live.png

Local Live Music App UX/UI

This group project was an intense deep dive into the UX/UI designing of a music app created from scratch. The app BAAR Studios (My team) created is an app called “LocalLive” for students and residents of New Paltz to learn about the live music scene in the Hudson Valley but mainly focused on the bands local to New Paltz and bands that travel to New Paltz to play music. Click the below to view the case study.

pocket chef.png

My Pocket Chef App UX/UI Design

My Pocket Chef was a carefully crafted prototype of an app that could potentially partner up with "EveryPlate" or "Hello Fresh". This app shows you cooking tutorials, recipes, and even keeps track of your meals each week & more. Click below to view my progress in the case study through out this project.

UX/UI App Design: Projects

Covillege App Design

Covillege was a app design I started to design the UI Designs for. This was at the beginning of Covid-19 where not a lot of people knew what was going on in the world anymore. My goal was to create this idea to give a little bit of relief & to spread awareness that these people should not feel alone.

UX/UI App Design: Image
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